About Adam April 7th 2018

Adam Martignetti is an Actor, Improviser, and Music Producer based out of Ontario, Canada.


With a career spanning over 19 years in Film, Television, Theater, Radio and Internet content, Adam has ample experience across all platforms. A member of ACTRA, Adam has performed in roles both supporting and leading, and has been behind the camera, as well! His experience and training with Second City's Conservatory Program has helped his Improvisation skills both comedically and dramatically, making him quick on his feet, and able to adapt to any situation. In 2017, Adam was a co-creator, writer, and actor in the Fringe production, "Pillow Talk". Adam is represented by Alicia Faucher at Fountainhead Talent.

Jobless (Web Series)

Adam is the Lead Actor and Co-Creator of the episodic Web Series "Jobless", which stars himself and Mike Moring, Co-Creator and Director of the series. Based in their hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, Jobless follows the fictionalized versions of Mike and Adam as they go through life in the Unemployment Capital of Canada, in a "Spaced meets Curb Your Enthusiasm" styled comedy. More information on the show can be found in the Jobless section.

Crime City! (Podcast)

Adam is a Producer, Performer, Composer, and Editor for the Podcast "Crime City!", a live monthly detective/adventure show, in the style of a 1950s radio drama. Set in Crime City, the story follows Victor Marshall, a jaded Private Detective, with his partners Lillian Steel and Brad Bramble. Crime City has other colourful characters, such as The Narrator, and Peggy Sparks, Lillian Steel's closest friend from World War 2! The first season dealt with the dreaded Crime Minister, a criminal mastermind who nearly took over Crime City! 

Crime City is currently going into it's third season.


Adam has been Producing his own music for over 14 years, and has a degree in Audio Engineering from Recording Arts Canada. As well as producing his own works, which have been used for multiple productions, including the MTV television series Catfish, Adam has also created official remixes for Mystery Skulls, Dear Frederic, Stacey Kay, Odessa, and Winter Gloves. Unofficially, he's remixed Ace Of Base, Chromeo, Peter Gabriel, Hannah Georgas, Seven Lions, The Killabits, Imagine Dragons, and Young Galaxy. Adam has also released many original tracks, as well as 7 EP's, and two albums. His full catalogue can be heard in the Music section.

Photo Credit: LV Imagery

Photo Credit: LV Imagery